• Fully motorized/electronic adjustable height station.
  • Stand-up height or ADA height compliant at the press of a button.
  • Can double as a CSR (Customer Service Representative) desk & teller station.
  • Height range: Floor to underside of countertop range of 26.8”H to 42.5”H (or any height in between).
  • Adjustable height feature improves ergonomics for both employee and customer alike.
  • Hanging steel cash drawer & storage compartments can be lowered and raised with counter height (steel or millwork construction). Steel options here.
  • Three easily programmable push-button height settings.
  • Includes “on-the-fly” push-button height adjustments.
  • TCR (Teller Cash Recycler) accommodations/housings available.
  • Weight Capacity:
    • 880 lbs dynamic load capacity.
    • 1100 lbs static load capacity.
  • Available in all of our millwork finishes.
  • We can incorporate your logo, brand, and artwork.
  • Lead-time is 8-10 weeks.
  • Alternative & custom designs available by request. Reach out to us via phone or email to see our other adjustable height teller pods designs OR to customize one specifically for you.




Expect delivery of your teller pod on average of 8-10 weeks from signed drawings.  If you need sooner, please give us a call (rushes are typically available throughout the year).

If you have a screw gun, rubber mallet, and a level, you can install a Fenco teller pod.  Fenco teller pods typically ship mostly assembled in a crate or wrapped pallet.  We estimate most teller pods take anywhere from 2-4 man-hours with minimal assembly required.  If you have a crew of two men, expect 1-2 hours (based on complexity of pod) in total for assembly.

Don’t have the time or resources to assemble a pod?  No worries…As a costed option, Fenco can ship your teller pod completely assembled, allowing you to simply remove packaging & set in place.  Alternatively, Fenco can arrange onsite installation in many cases.



Every Fenco counter comes with an elevation, side and top view.  Should you require a rendering, we can provide same upon request.  All drawings and renderings are done in-house.



Fenco works with high quality partner mills strategically located around the country.  Whether your project is in NJ or CA, we have the right “regional mill” to fill your needs (keeping it local minimizes shipping costs and transit times).  Having a network of partner mills also allows Fenco provide quick product lead-times and support larger regional or nationwide projects.



Just like all Fenco products, we stand 100% behind our craftsmanship and service.  Being a 3rd generation family-owned business, you’ll find working with Fenco has a different feel than most other corporations.  We built our business on customer satisfaction and long-term relationships.  We do our absolute best to provide you with a quality product, at a reasonable price with a personal touch & high level of customer service.  Our business is our passion.