SILVERLINE – Under Counter Steel Teller Pedestals

Fenco’s GOLDLINE, The Silverline was developed as lower priced alternative to the Goldline. Although the Silverline is priced significantly lower than the Goldline, we’re able to maintain a high level of quality, very similar to that of the Goldline. We at Fenco Strongly believe the Silverline is a 9 out of 10 VS. the Goldline being a 10 out of 10. The Silverline out performs and outlasts Diebold undercounter and the like. Being well received by the dealers and end-users, the Silverline has quickly grown to account for over 50% of Fenco undercounter.

Most Goldline models are available in our Silverline construction. The Silverline is offered in all the same colors as our Goldline. The lead-time for Silverline is the same as Goldline: 4 weeks or less from receipt of PO unless requested otherwise. You can use most of the same modifications for Silverline as you can on the Goldline series; Lock upgrades, bus conversions, CPU conversions, base height substitutions, custom colors, OEM Branded drawer fronts, etc…

THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE SILVERLINE AND THE GOLDLINE IS THE EXTERIOR SHELL CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATIONS AND WIDTH. The shell construction for the Silverline is always 1” wider than the Goldline.  The Silverline uses 20 Gauge on the exterior shell, whereas the Goldline uses 18 Gauge.    On the Silverline shell constructions, we fold and bend the corners to form a nice, clean finish.  We then spot-weld the shell’s corners thoroughly to tie together the exterior shell.  The Goldline cabinet shell construction is TIG Welded with ground corners for a nice flush, smooth, clean, durable finish.  The Goldline goes through an extra production step (TIG Welding) in which we can skip with the Silverline.  So, we pick up a little bit of time in the welding department, a little bit of steel cost on the exterior shell and then pass those savings directly to the customer.

ALL THE MATERIALS AND PARTS INSIDE THE SHELL ARE THE SAME FOR THE GOLDLINE AND SILVERLINE; the separating shelf, slides, drawers, doors, locks, etc. are the SAME for both the Goldline and the Silverline.

BOTH THE GOLDLINE AND SILVERLINE ARE ALL WELDED, ALL STEEL PRODUCT LINES (NO pop rivets holding the shell together and NO plastic drawer bodies).
A photo below shows just how similar the two products look when side by side.

Silverline 204

Goldline 204