Although our cabinets are built to last a life-time (and do in most cases), we do realize the occasional need for replacement parts.  Below are some common replacements parts which can be ordered through Fenco.  If you can’t find what you need, please contact us to help fulfill your requirements.

  • Drawer Front, both box and legal size.
  • Drawer Body, both box and legal size.
  • Three-point Bolt-work – for all coin lockers.
  • Accuride 16” drawer slide set – works on any Fenco drawer.
  • Black plastic clip for Accuride 16” drawer slides.
  • Hettic slide set
  • Cupboard door – for any model.
  • Leveling legs (200 and 600 series).
  • Leveling leg hole cap (covers hole in bottom compartment to access leveling legs).
  • Cap for L-handle (to make L-handle key-less).