AVAILABLE FOR BOTH GOLDLINE & SILVERLINE UNITS, 200 & 600 SERIES.  Please note, the 37”W Silverline units are not able to be bus converted.

Fenco BUS CONVERSIONS offer you the ability to convert our Goldline and Silverline stationary pedestals to mobile units.  Once converted, your unit will be outfitted with 2 swivel wheels, 2 fixed wheels, a set of handles and a pop-up foot brake.  You’ll notice our foot brake is not a typical wheel brake.  Fenco’s pop-up foot brake is superior to wheel brakes; once the pop-up foot brake is engaged it eliminates any mobility to the bus unit.  Examples of some bus conversions are shown below:



Model 216 & 216 BUS

Model 231 & 231 BUS

Model S204 & S204 BUS

Model S604 & S604 BUS