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Fenco has been a leading manufacturer of metal casework and bank equipment for banks and credit unions for nearly 60 years. Fenco is currently manufacturing in Burlington, New Jersey, supplying a nationwide dealer network with the best quality steel pedestals at a competitive price. Our reputation throughout the industry is well known, and we are proud to have earned it. We currently are and have been distinguished members of the FSPA (formerly NIBESA) for over 30 years. We furnish the undercounter steel pedestals for some of the country’s leading banks and credit unions. Just a few banks and financial institutions that utilize Fenco are Bank of America, Chase Manhattan, Citibank, Commerce, TD Banknorth, Beneficial, Bank Atlantic, Wells Fargo, Fifth Third, Union Planters, U.S. Bank, Wachovia, Sovereign, Standard Federal, Compass, and Fleet. Fenco manufactures a great product for any bank or credit union as shown above.

Why is Fenco successful? There are a number of reasons we are the independent industry leader in teller pedestals and modular counters, the first being quality. Simply put, we design and produce the best possible level of quality in a steel teller pedestal while maintaining a high quality level of customer service that can’t be matched by the competition. We're here to offer you the best product available with the best service around.

Fenco has not lost sight of its mission. We have refused the industry’s trend to manufacture cheaper pedestals of lower quality, which sell at relative costs to the better pedestals we manufacture. By never losing sight of quality, Fenco is able to keep a long-term customer base, as well as our integrity.

Fenco takes pride in every cabinet it manufactures; not only for the quality you see, but also for the construction design you may not see. We continually look for better ways to design our pedestal construction to maximize its rigidity and functionality. It starts from the inside and works its way out, so it’s not always what you see with the naked eye. A pedestal may look great the day you purchase it, but will it work great years after your purchase? The answer is yes with all of Fenco’s products. Our design and construction standards provide our customers with a product that will out last our competitor’s with ease. Expect the obsolescence term to be 20 years with minimal or no service required.

Fencos quality doesn’t just come through its products; it comes through the employees as well. We have employees who care about our customers and find gratification in assisting them in any way they can. Our customer service goal is to serve our customers in any manner until they are completely satisfied with their experience. We strive for all our customers to feel comfortable and confident when dealing with us at Fenco. It starts with the right attitude and ends with the best result.

Fenco is also flexible, offering its standard product lines with a 30-day lead-time from receipt of purchase order and we are usually ahead of that. Fenco also has a Fast Track product list, which includes a number of products that we are able to ship in a week or less just in case our customers run into a tight situation. We offer a wide variety of products with unmatched versatility and product options (add-ons). There are also 16 standard designer colors to choose from. If you aren’t able to find a color that suits your needs, or if you are looking for a custom color, we can develop the color you desire at a small additional cost.

Another form of our flexibility is our ability to offer custom made and designed units. Just let us know the description and dimensions of the unit and we will quote accordingly with a price and lead-time. Fenco also delivers orders on our own trucks. By doing this we can reduce the cost of freight (about a third of common carrier - depending on location) for our customers, in turn increasing their profits, while insuring them of proper and prompt delivery of our product.

The truth is, we are better than the rest whether through the quality of our service, our product, our lead-time, or our willingness to work with our customer’s needs. We are the independent industry leader with over 75 authorized Fenco dealers in the United States, and abroad to serve you. Most, if not all of our dealers, are full equipment dealers, offering you safes, vaults, security boxes, security systems, and more.

Fenco’s Dealers

Fenco’s authorized dealers are full service dealers who sell, install, and service the products they represent. They are your one stop shop for not only Fenco undercounter & modular counter products, but for nearly every aspect of your institution. Please consider them for all of your physical security needs; vaults, safes, drive-up equipment, alarm, surveillance, security deposit boxes, your furniture & P.O.S. applications. Fenco’s relationship with its dealer base is a close one. We choose dealers who share the same ideology in regards to quality & customer service. This is critical to Fenco, we want Quality people to sell our Quality products. We want them to go the extra mile to ascertain our mutual customer is completely satisfied, and they do.

Fenco vs. The Competition:


PEDESTAL SPECS. Fenco Korden Diebold
Full Height Double Wall Construction Yes No No
Welded, Ground Flush Corners Yes No No
Removable Drawer Front Yes No Yes
Field Changeable Cupboard Door Swings Yes Yes Yes
Field Changeable Locker Door Swings Yes No No
Adjustable Width Knee Space Housings Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable Width Knee Space Back Panels Yes No No
3 Point, Live Action Locker Boltwork Yes Yes Yes
4 Point, Live Action Locker Boltwork Yes No No
Key Locking Locker Handle Yes No No
Full Depth Drawer/Door Separating Shelf Yes Yes No
Core Changeable Drawer/Door Locks Yes Yes Yes
Removable Pedestal Base Yes Yes Yes
Roller Sheave Sliding Door Yes No No
Powder Coated Baked Finish Yes Yes Yes
Standard Color Choices 16 18 12
Lifetime Warranty/Suspensions Yes Yes Yes
72-Hour Quick Ship Program Yes Yes No
24-30 Day Guaranteed Lead-time Yes No No



Undercounter & Forecounter Teller Equipment

4422 Rt. 130     P.O. BOX 1238     Burlington, NJ 08016
PHONE - (609) 387-7580     FAX – (609) 387-0803     TOLL FREE – (800) 486-8484

SISTER COMPANY SITE: www.Lab-Design.com

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