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Fenco's Counter Line
"If we build it, they will come."

Utilizing FENCO’s C.A.D. Capabilities

You may not get Shoeless Joe Jackson at your newly built front counter looking to make a deposit. Moonlight Graham will probably not make your Grand Opening. Unfortunately both Kevin Costner & James Earl Jones will be too busy making their latest movie to visit. However, your Dad may just stop in to take a peek around to see what you did with the place- that's a good thing! We expect you'll be quite proud to share your FENCO counter experience from conception to reality with your Dad or anyone.

That truly is how it works; from conception to reality. FENCO counters are built to suit your needs and vision. We start with ideas and a basic floor plan. We mold these ideas into a layout at your office. That layout soon becomes a FENCO produced CAD drawing which your authorized dealer reviews with you to ensure we have your vision intact and the required security in place. He or she will discuss with you the access gates required (counter access), end panels or partition walls to effectively close and secure your counter working area, wiring access, color selections (any current Wilson Art plastic laminate) and all your available options required, to make your vision a reality.

You'll want to think about wood molding accents on your counter & riser fronts, offset color schemes to accent your deal areas, teller window closures, inlaid transaction area solid surfaces available (Corian), check desks, back counter countertops, drive-up countertops, coupon booth countertops and of course your FENCO under counter steel pedestal layout to fit within. He or she will remind you of the absolute need to receive, acknowledge and sign off on the required field dimensions necessary to ensure a clean fitting installation. Trust us - there is little more frustrating than a counter layout built to 25'6" wide for a building area that offers only a 25' opening. Your dream just got nightmarish, so be careful. Think of the time you purchased that beautiful bedroom set and couldn't get it up around the stairs. Not a good thing!

After receipt of your signed drawing for approval we go to work. Expect 30-35 days to produce your project and 24-48 hours for your dealer to install it. When we're done and you are satisfied, give your Dad a call. Tell him the voice you heard wasn't Shoeless Joe Jackson after all. Rather, it was your FENCO salesperson, but you sure would like him to stop down anyway. This is a good thing.

FENCO Teller Counters, From Start to Finish....

Sample FENCO CAD Drawing


(To view more pictures, go to the gallery)

Standard Counter Models

Although FENCO offers any customized counter you desire, we have made a few standard models for your convenience.

Model #2010
is a 5’ front facia station styled for today’s look. Offset teller identification panels and countertop offer a color contrast that’s not only esthetic yet effective.

Model #2011
is a colonial styled 5’ front facia complete with hardwood molding on either the front facia or parapets or both. End panels sold separately.

Models # 2030 & #2040
offer the same function with a distinction. If you’re looking to enclose your return pedestal completely, model #2030 is your unit. An economical alternative is model #2040 which covers only the top of your return pedestal.

Model #2050
end panel is a fixed (dimensionally) unit for the purpose of finishing off your teller line. However, the partitions shown, 2060X3 and 2060X1, may be manufactured to suit and return dimension or enclosure dimension required.

of various dimensions are available to suit the individual need, with or without electric strikes. Door jamb, hinge channel, and hardware are included. For your backcounter, FENCO provides backcounter tops manufactured as needed dimensionally with or without backsplash.



Undercounter & Forecounter Teller Equipment

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